Whiskey Classes

Learn What You Need To Know To Find,
Taste and Enjoy Whiskey!

Become an expert on bourbon, scotch, Japanese whisky, rye, and more with our Whiskey Wednesday Flight Classes. We cover the basics and more on proof, enjoying, buying & storing and a little history.

Learn How To Enjoy Whiskey

Enjoying whiskey starts with tasting and there is a proper way do taste whiskey! If you have ever been intimated or unsure when it comes to choosing whiskey and spirits, now is your chance to get a personal education on everything whiskey.

From the correct glasses to the different serving styles, we will cover the basics for beginners and have tips for even the most seasoned whiskey connoisseur.

Whiskey Wednesday

-Flight Classes-

4:30pm to 6pm
$25 per person
RSVP Required

Oct 21st Rabbit Hole, KY 
Oct 28th Compass Box, London
Nov 4th Knob Creek, KY 
Nov 11th Women in Whiskey / Featuring Female Distillers 
Nov 18th Woodford, KY 
Nov 25th Abelour Speyside Single Malt, Scotland

Dec 2nd Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select, TN

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